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How to Find Reputable King Charles Breeders by Knowing In-Depth Information about the Breed

The King Charles Spaniel is an English breed that was interbred with pugs in the 17th and 18th centuries. However, this dog-breed is not the same breed as the one owned by King Charles, but a more modern one that has King Charles’s dogs only as descendants.

There are specific breeds of dogs called King Charles Spaniel or English Toy Spaniel and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Both of these King Charles dogs are named after England’s King Charles II who was often pictured with them, although today’s breed isn’t exactly the same as the one portrayed in the king’s pictures.

The modern Cavalier King Charles was created by American breeders in the 1920s as an attempt to recreate the spaniels from the time of King Charles.

It has been recognized as a separate breed by the American Kennel Club since the 1940, and the distinct characteristic of the Cavalier is that it usually has a longer nose.

Specialized King Charles Breeders for Both Breeds

Since there are two types of King Charles breeds, it is imperatively necessary to specify what breed a person wants when they go to a King Charles Breeder as most breeders will specialize in one breed or the other.

Temperamentally there aren’t many differences between the two since both are spaniels.

They are friendly, even tempered and make very good house and apartment dogs. King Charles dogs will generally handle cooler climates better because of their long hair, but they can adapt fairly easy in hot-climate areas as well.

When looking for a breeder, future owners should ask for bloodline records. Any breeder should have the puppies’ and parents’ bloodlines recorded in official paperwork that shows the dogs are purebred.

Purebred King Charles dogs do cost more, but if you want to become a breeder yourself then it’s best to get purebred dogs.

Finding Good King Charles Breeders

A person should always choose a reputable breeder when looking for a purebred puppy. The best way to find a reputable King Charles breeder is to ask other owners for references.

Apart from dog owners, the local kennel club should also be able to recommend a good breeder in your area.

It is a good idea to visit a breeder’s facilities before buying a puppy because the facility itself can affect a dog’s health. Dogs that are born and raised in dirty and inhumane conditions will be prone to disease and less healthy.

Future owners should check to see if the breeder’s facilities are clean and if the dogs are getting good food together with plenty of exercise.

It’s best to avoid buying puppies from online King Charles breeders and from commercial pet stores in malls.

These dogs often come from puppy mills, commercial facilities where dogs are bred like livestock. Dogs from puppy mills can be sick, poorly behaved and prone to health problems.

Training a King Charles Dog

A dog that comes from a King Charles breeder will have to be trained and housebroken, regardless if it’s purebred or not. This will take some time and effort but unlike other breeds, this one is fairly easy to train.

A King Charles dog is usually very well behaved and friendly and it also gets along with other pets and other dogs. This can be a big plus for families that have more pets and that want to introduce a King Charles dog into their household.

For future owners that are not particularly interested in purebred dogs, animal shelters could also prove to be a good option.

Many times, King Charles dogs that have been abandoned by their owners are rescued and brought to shelters. These dogs are just as good as any other dogs and they can become great companions.

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