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King Charles Spaniel Puppy: The Best Choice for Apartment Owners and Small Yard Owners

A King Charles Spaniel puppy will make a great pet for a family or an individual who lives in the city. Since they are small and usually well behaved, this breed makes for a perfect apartment dog that can easily be trained and looked after.

Purebred King Charles Dogs

If a person wants a purebred dog they will have to locate a reputable King Charles breeder. Something to be aware of is that a dog is not considered a purebred in the United States unless the pup and its parents are registered with the American Kennel Club or AKC.

If you're planning on getting a King Charles Spaniel puppy then you should know that the breeder you'll be getting the dog from should be able to present verification that the pet is a purebred in the form of AKC paperwork for both parents.

If you want to get a King Charles Spaniel puppy that you can later breed, then you must register it with the Kennel Club as a purebred.

You can do this by filling the form provided by the breeder or one that you find online. King Charles Spaniels puppies can be a joy in your home, but they can also provide a solid income if they are purebred.

Health Issues

King Charles Spaniels pups need to be chosen with care because of hereditary health issues. Cavalier King Charles dogs can suffer from a hereditary eye disease and mitral valve disease among many other illnesses that are extremely serious and of a genetic nature.

Thus, checking the medical history of the pup's parents and that of a few previous generations is advised before choosing to get a puppy.

Bringing a Cavalier King Charles Puppy Home

Even though they are considered well adapted for city and apartment life, King Charles Spaniels puppies are very energetic. People who bring them home should be prepared to pay a lot of attention to them and spend a lot of time walking them.

They are great companions that love to play and that can bring up your spirit at any time.

King Charles Spaniel puppy owners should be aware that if the dog doesn't get enough exercise then it might have a tendency to misbehave. Usually, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pups are fairly easy to train and they learn to do tricks pretty fast.

Nonetheless, in order to be the most effective, training should begin as soon as the puppy arrives.

Since these dogs are naturally friendly and sociable, they should get along with everybody in the household without issues. They do have a tendency to bark quite a bit so that habit needs to be curbed with proper training.

Whenever your King Charles dog barks to get something, whether it's a toy or food, it's best not to give in so that you teach the puppy to be submissive.

Walking Your Cavalier King Charles Puppy

A King Charles dog needs daily walks. Even if you're planning to let your pet out in the yard you should know that walks are extremely important for your dog.

King Charles Spaniels puppies, although friendly by nature, can become aggressive or suffer behavioral changes because of isolation. Therefore make sure you take your puppy out to socialize, meet strangers and other dogs.

It's of utter importance to know that Cavalier King Charles dogs don't handle hot weather very well. Therefore, if you live in a hot climate area, it's better to shorten the daily walks to 5-10 minutes so that the dog gets the walk it needs without suffering because of the heat.

On another note, a King Charles Spaniel puppy is pretty active and playful and it will spend a lot of energy on its own as well.

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